Fermentation Process

Using oranges instead of grapes!

People have been making fermented beverages for centuries. Mead, or honey wine was produced in Asia during the Vedic period (around 1700-1100BC).

The Greeks, Celts, Saxons and Vikings also produced this beverage.

However, in Rome, China, Babylon and Egypt people made wine from grapes and beer from malted barley.

The Latin word fervere (to boil) was used to describe this process as the mixtures which were kept in large vessels produced bubbles, as though they were boiling.

A fine eye is required to ensure the correct length of fermentation with temperature and air exposure being key factors to success!

Rottcher uses an age-old traditional method of fermentation to create a unique range of drinks. Rottcher “orange wines” can be likened to sherry or dessert wine and enjoyed before, during or after a meal. Rottcher are well known as “The Pride of the Lowveld” as the drinks possess natural goodness and the unique promise of enjoyment. Selecting from the interesting flavours of Orange, Dry Orange, Orange & Ginger, Orange & Chilli or Clementine you soon realise that you can enjoy another zesty drink from Rottcher …..Anywhere….Anytime!