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How it All Began

The Sonnegold Orange Winery was established by Mr Rottcher, a German immigrant near Greytown in 1916. Necessity was the “Mother of Invention” as with no grapes available wine was made from oranges and served at the Holy Communion. Read More…

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Rottcher Today

The Man …Frank Theron, owner and distiller buys, creates and develops Rottcher into “Distillers of Distinction”! At the beginning of 2012 Frank Theron bought Rottcher Wineries. Encouraged by his friends, assisted by the former owners, and greatly motivated by his personal passion for wine and his own hobby of collecting wines, he took the reins with energy and enthusiasm. Read More …

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The Process

The Process of creating a unique Rottcher product! Rottcher’s create their unique promise of enjoyment by two processes, distillation and fermentation. Using oranges instead of grapes! Distillation process.  Read More …

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Using Oranges instead of Grapes!

Est 1959

Rottcher uses an age-old traditional method of fermentation to create a unique range of drinks.  Rottcher “orange wines” can be likened to sherry or port and enjoyed before, during or after a meal. Rottcher are well known as “The Pride of the Lowveld” as the drinks possess natural goodness and the unique promise of enjoyment. Selecting from the interesting flavours of Orange and Ginger, Orange, Orange and Chilli you soon realise that you can enjoy another zesty drink from Rottcher …..Anywhere….Anytime!


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Selecting from the interesting flavours of Orange and Ginger, Orange, Orange & Chilli or even Limoncello Liqueur or our Slowveld Gin flaours - you realise you can enjoy another zesty drink from Rottcher!

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Conveniently supplying our unique Rottcher Range online throughout South Africa!

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Tantalising Tasting

Visitors can look forward to an interesting tour of the winery and distillery which gives an insight into the production of Rottchers’ varied and refreshing range!

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As the proof is in the tasting, guests are warmly encouraged to relax and taste the interesting selection!

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